google781f3c0dedf26094.html S02 Ep. 54: Fake Outrage
The Stop Playin’ Podcast

S02 Ep. 54: Fake Outrage

December 14, 2019

Hide your kids and your dogs as the episode starts with startling news in Florida and Oregon. A dentist hovers while a thoughtful gift causes a national stir. Michael Avenatti is in the news again as the Nike case heats up. In political news, the impending impeachment causes 45 to lose his cool while the walls of hypocrisy come crashing down on the First Family. Reboots keep coming as we say good-bye to a beloved actor. In sports, the MLB’s stove is scorching hot. In the NBA, two teams move ahead of the class, Jimmy Butler escapes the madness and Luka Doncic dazzles in Dallas. Former NFL players arrested for cheating the system and Billy B makes a statement about the Bengals situation as the NFL approaches the home stretch.

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