google781f3c0dedf26094.html S02 Ep. 55: Kuji-Shaka-Lia (Season 2 Finale)
The Stop Playin’ Podcast

S02 Ep. 55: Kuji-Shaka-Lia (Season 2 Finale)

December 28, 2019

We lead our Season 2 Finale with the impeachment as Nancy Pelosi goes “G-Code.” Rudy Guiliani falls from grace while 45 pushes forward on the campaign trail. In Colorado, a caretaker makes the news for doing just the opposite. After 35 years, Eddie Murphy makes a splash on SNL and holiday movies find us both pinned to the couch. In the NBA, Kawhi upstages "LaBreeze" again as Patrick Beverley solidifies a win. A midseason tournament may be upon us and Russ takes FULL advantage of load management. LSU and Clemson head to the CFP National Championship and the NFL makes bold scheduling moves to intensify the final playoff push.

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