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The Stop Playin’ Podcast

S04 Ep. 94: Spell “District” for Us

February 5, 2021

Weekly update and snowstorm stories; (09:26) Democrats follow through on their promise, 45’s team folds, the House makes an inside ban, voting machine companies are BIG mad, Axios is back, Uber changes the alcohol game; (46:00) We talk TV and movies and remember two big stars, Nicholas Cannon makes a reconciliation, Disney+ makes a Black Panther announcement, Lil Kim/Foxy Brown Verzuz rumors spark a debate; (1:31:52) Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal headline our NBA discussion, Jared Goff’s disrespect fuels a trade, Marty Schottenheimer is in our thoughts, a Carson Wentz trade is looming, final thought on the upcoming Super Bowl. #StopPlayinandSubscribe

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