google781f3c0dedf26094.html S04 Ep. 96: Be Better in Alaska
The Stop Playin’ Podcast

S04 Ep. 96: Be Better in Alaska

February 28, 2021

Sham avoids a trap; (06:52) Two confirmation hearings have different outcomes, House passes the stimulus, Biden makes the wrong choice, Capitol Police Chief brings receipts, CPAC lowlights, Andrew Cuomo’s reckoning, Peter Luger's Steakhouse meets Madame Tussaud, an Alaskan skier is butthurt; (47:47) Disney+ updates, Superman TV, WandaVision heats up, Frasier reboot?; (1:13:11) Russell Wilson has a wishlist, Cam Newton gets challenged, the Atlanta Dream makes it right, the Wizards surge as Lebron slumps, Primetime wins and loses. #StopPlayinandSubscribe

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