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The Stop Playin’ Podcast

S04 Ep. 97: Shaq-splaining

March 5, 2021

Sham gets a gift and reveals a hobby as we approach an unfortunate date; (16:22) The stimulus stays on track despite resistance, the National Guard chief brings HIS receipts, Andrew Cuomo faces accusations, new Texas fallout, chaotic vaccination in DC, rejection in Detroit; (47:21) Inside the NBA turns 30, a new Fyre Fest special is coming, Golden Globes recap, Operation Varsity Blues hits Netflix, the Justice League of racism, WandaVision Finale; (1:26:33) JJ Watt heads West, Dallas debates paying Dak, Shaq’s old school approach gets a new school lesson, Georgia takes a stance on transgender athletes. #StopPlayinandSubscribe

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